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1162: Snap, Crackle, Pop.

It was the blue screen heard around the world — how did today's massive global computer outage affect marketers? Google kills off yet another product and that might mean more work for your web admin. The companies Microsoft will keep your ads away from. And Google's...

1155: The Last B, Well, That’s Not That Simple

Ads are coming to Threads but will media buyers care? A shocking development in the agency world. Has Google given up on AI summaries? And why Instagram comments are disappearing after 3 days. Links to today's stories   Rate and Review Us • Contact Us   📰 Get our free...

1154: One Tiny Toggle

Google Ads now default to Broad Match. Facebook's new AI tool could spell trouble for brands that get a lot of comments. Another door into TV ads has opened for small businesses. YouTube's Shorts get a small upgrade; Google Docs gets a big nerdy one. And the world's...

1153: The Real Cost of Amazon’s Prime Days

Outrageous greed — that's what the U.S. government calls Amazon's Prime Days, in light of its estimate that almost half of the company's warehouse workers will get injured in the next two days. Also: Instagram's new ad product requires a lot of trust — from you......

1151: SPECIAL: “1984” by Apple

The untold story of what many believe is the best television ad of all time.   Rate and Review Us • Contact Us   📰 Get our free daily newsletter 📈 Advertising: Reach Thousands of Marketing Decision-Makers 🌍 Follow us on social media or contact us GO PREMIUM! Get these...

1150: SPECIAL: The Surprising History Behind “Mana Mana”

The untold story of one of the original acoustical earworms.   Rate and Review Us • Contact Us   📰 Get our free daily newsletter 📈 Advertising: Reach Thousands of Marketing Decision-Makers 🌍 Follow us on social media or contact us GO PREMIUM! Get these exclusive...

1149: The Security Breach We All Feared Has Happened

The hack nobody wanted: How a leading two-factor authentication app used by marketers worldwide is now exposed. Plus TikTok slows down, a deep-dive into Google's changes to its ads platform, and the clever technique consumers are using to see if you are gouging.  ...

1148: If You Can’t BEAT Apple…

A big design tool pulls its AI features... the slow recovery from a Google algorithm update... Meta makes a big change to a small tag... and YouTube's new service will be powered by the magic of human eyeballs. We think.   Contact Us   📰 Get our free daily newsletter...

1147: Meta’s Ad Platform: Half-Measures Availed Us Nothing

For many Meta ad buyers, June was a month full of bugs and volatile performance. Is this the new normal? We check in with our Meta ads correspondent Andrew Foxwell for a gut check.   Contact Us   📰 Get our free daily newsletter 📈 Advertising: Reach Thousands of...

1146: Meta Hates Bots. (Except Those It Creates.)

Your Facebook ads might soon cost more — but there is a way out. Google's search ranking apparently considers how busy your business is. Wordpress admins get a new and peculiar tag insert. And the end game of civilization has arrived — Meta's influencer bots. Did...

1145: Googol Typos

Typos are coming to your ad reports — here's why you'll like that. TikTok tries to pre-empt Amazon's big sale. An verification tool used by major platforms left its users' government IDs practically unlocked. And Meta expands the content tool that keeps your fans...

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