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May 13, 2021
00:10:059.24 MB

Are Marketing Pop-Ups Hurting Your SEO? (Spoiler: Probably)

That pop-up on your web site is probably hurting your SEO... Google has yet another solution to the cookie-pocalypse... Reddit bets big on brands... The marketing livestream we can file under "At least they tried,"... and did you feel that? Was that another Google update?

May 12, 2021
00:09:128.44 MB

"Hey! Lesbian!"

Is the next B2B platform going to be TikTok? The brilliant Facebook ad campaign that Facebook is NOT happy about... YouTube fills a long-standing gap in its analytics... and another industry lands on Google's naughty list.

May 11, 2021
07:046.48 MB

Why "Best Time to Post" Studies Are Nonsense You Should Ignore

Another Best Time to Post study to ignore... Finally, call-tracking data in Google... Sirius creates a powerhouse audio ad business, Instagram's small but important tweak to bios, and the worst-kept secret in the search engine industry

May 10, 2021
06:346.02 MB

Why Google Search Doesn't Like Large "Hero" Images

Why is that beautiful theme you just installed on your web site hurting your Google ranking? We now know how many people are staying opted-out from ad tracking on Apple device... And a simple way to make sure your web site is accessible.

May 07, 2021
08:037.39 MB

They Grow Up So Fast These Days 👶🏻

TikTok wants you to know it's not just for kids now... Twitch's answer to that: "Oh yeah, us too!"... Twitter adds another monetization feature... an outstanding course on Facebook ad optimization is out.... And I knew the day would come at some point — today, a story about Carole Baskin. Andrew Foxwell's course on Facebook ad optimization:

May 06, 2021
08:267.72 MB

Tiny Icon, Big Moves

Is that new Wordpress plugin causing you to drop in Google's listings? YouTube is betting big on Shorts. Twitter has new options for media buyers. Snapchat wants to get more AR in the hands of digital marketers. And a small upgrade for your store's Google My Business profile might bring in more foot traffic.

May 05, 2021
09:168.5 MB

Facebook... Start Your Photocopiers!

Twitter's new podcast might shed some light on its inner workings... TikTok bolsters its geo-targeting... YouTube's got an interesting second-screen ad product... and the decision's in: Is Trump coming back to Facebook?

May 04, 2021
08:127.52 MB

The Video Platform Culture Wars

Microsoft says it has a soul and wants to teach you how to have one too... which platforms are most digital marketers confident they can measure ROI?... Twitter plans to strip ads from sites you visit... and Facebook has no idea what irony means.

May 03, 2021
05:144.79 MB

That's All Very Nice, Jack. Now Where's Our Edit Button?

Twitter pushes Spaces out to almost everyone... the race to provide first-party data solutions is on... Google has good news for PPC advertisers... and Wordpress saves the Internet.

April 30, 2021
08:087.45 MB

Amazon Court Ruling Could Affect Your Online Store

Twitter's numbers are looking good. Amazon's accountant's are also happy. Its lawyer, on the other hand, are not. YouTube is accused of playing dirty in negotiations. And TikTok plucks a new CEO out of their Chinese headquarters.