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April 19, 2021
13:2912.35 MB

Google’s "[Exact Match]" = Kinda Generally Similar (You Know, More or Less)

Facebook pulls yet another analytics tool used by marketers... The biggest challenge yet to Google's new cookie-replacement... Core Web Vitals is delayed... Podcasts come to the world's largest social network.... And when is an Exact Match not "exact"? When it's a Google ad campaign.

April 16, 2021
07:487.16 MB

Facebook To Remove Audience Insights. Please. Stop.

Facebook Giveth, and Facebook Taketh Away… Behind the scenes at Pepsi’s remarkable digital transformation, why your online store is scaring off people in their early 20s, and Google adds more brand safety tools.

April 15, 2021
10:029.19 MB

Facebook Sure Has a Weird Way of “Helping” Small Businesses

The study that will tell us if machine-learning was a mistake all along… Facebook’s idea of helping your business is to send people to your competitors… What is behind the mass exodus of Shopify’s most senior executives… Has Triller given up being the TikTok killer…. And Google introduces new technology to its consent mode — the time-honoured technique of guessing. Privacy & Opt-Out:

April 14, 2021
09:569.1 MB

LEAKED: TikTok’s Plans for E-Commerce

A new alliance between two huge marketing data providers…. Instagram engagement levels off…. Here we go with the hiding Likes again… and an easier way to update your Google business profile.

April 13, 2021
09:428.9 MB

The New Marketing Formula: Bacon + Clubhouse + ASMR

Where are the good CPMs? On YouTube — when you don’t use any video in your ads. Also: TikTok’s demographics are broadening, a clever marketing campaign on Clubhouse merges three trends, and how subscription fatigue may end up helping digital media buyers.

April 12, 2021
07:196.71 MB

Google Needs a Better Undo Button

The biggest threat to digital agencies may be their clients… Why a privacy-focused browser is now waiting for Google’s permission… Buffer adds Facebook engagement… And an update to Core Web Vitals is good news for some web sites.

April 09, 2021
06:225.84 MB

The IDFA Apocalypse May Not Be As Bad As We Thought

Early numbers suggest the IDFA apocalypse may not be as bad as we thought… gender-equality progress is being made in CMO roles… and what Facebook is blaming for the system-wide crash yesterday afternoon.

April 08, 2021
09:218.57 MB

Social Platform Spending is Going Up — Way Up

If you sell any products on your website, today’s Google update was a big one… Twitter makes things simpler for media buyers… Snapchat dives even deeper into augmented reality e-commerce… and now we know: Facebook has no sense of humour.

April 07, 2021
09:448.92 MB

Beer Company + Twitter API = Awesome

Amazon’s ad business is much bigger than you ever thought… Why Google will keep reviews up even if an employee writes it… Reddit launches a resource site for digital marketers… Facebook’s clone of Clubhouse is now in the wild… and the top gifts B2B companies sent their clients.

April 06, 2021
07:397.01 MB

Why Are So Many Businesses Moving to Independence, USA?!

Microsoft wants your Google ads — and just made it easier to switch… How has COVID changed your customer personas?... TikTok’s new agency deal is a kind of influencer buddy program for brands… Pinterest makes its first expansion into Latin America… and why are so many businesses moving to a small town in Kansas?